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To Keep Your White Tee in Its Virgin Colour

You may be reluctant to invest in White T-shirt if it turns yellow within months. Here are tips that help save your money and prolong your T-shirt life!

Wash it after every time you wear 

Perspiration absorbed will build up into yellow stains, commonly stains at where you sweat most such as armpit area. Common concern will be the more you wash it, the quicker it wears out. Yet it’s not like you would wear such yellow-ish Tee so I would rather wash it more often gently to extend its product life.

Picture Source: ELLE

Choose 100% Cotton over 100% Polyester or Blend

It’s true that 100% Cotton Tee is less resistant to washing but it’s also true that the Tee is much more breathable than any synthetic fiber made garments. You will sweat less and are less likely to stain your Tee.

Put on perfume before you get dressed

Alcohol in perfume can stain your clothes. Fragrance expert advises one should spray the scent after showering and before getting dressed so that perfume is distributed on your body. For perfume touch-ups, it is suggests\ed that spraying it from “about 20cm away”.

Picture Source: Tetra Images – Mike Kemp / Brand X Pictures / Getty Images

Soak with Vinegar

As much as we are eager to stop Tee turning yellow, it’s normal that yellow stains build up over time. Solution for this desperate situation is to soak it with diluted white vinegar for 30 minutes before laundry.

Picture Source: stayathomemum

And you’re done! It sounds like a lot of work but our high quality Tee will definitely be worth your effort. We would love to see your Dear Diary t-shirt styling! Tag us on our Instagram account @dear.diary.studio

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