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Make Up Ideas for Christmas and New Year


By now, most of your Christmas parties, friends gathering, and family dinner are cancelled or altered due to recent tightened restrictions. If you are frustrated and annoyed because you’re about to miss the greatest festival in the year, don’t worry, we’re here to help and recommend how to celebrate Christmas in the “right” and festive way during these periods. Of course, you want to look gorgeous, sharp, and outstanding when some of your friends come over to your place, go on a Christmas date with your loved one, or attend virtual gatherings on-line with your mates. Hence, having various makeups for different occasions is the key to impress. We will introduce the top 3 makeups for you to grab everyone’s attention.



Casual Home Party

Start by applying your makeup base. Use a natural peach tone shadow to set base shadow in place.  DON’T NOT PRIME YOUR EYELID! If you wish your makeup lasts long , you cannot miss eye primer. 

The first one is the classic makeup, which is versatile and fresh.

Start off a light pink shade on eye lid and blend it to the front to create a nice gradient.

Define crease with a darker chocolate brown shade at outer corner.

Use the same light pink shadow for undereye

Build up a stronger bling bling pink in the middle

Use finger to press magenta glitter at outer corner


Finish off by highlighting inner corner with glitter

Add crystals to make your look for special occasion

Add crystals to make your look for special occasion

Special embellishment





Wild Smokey


The second one is a bit funky, wild, and smokey. If you are going for exaggerating parties or gatherings, this is the perfect makeup to go with.

Apply blue shade at outer corner and blend it along eye fold to front
Build up the blue shades at outer corner gradually

Put gold glitter colour on inner corner lid and blend it well with the blue shade

Use angular shaped brush to cut crease with grey colour

Highlight inner corner with gold colour 

Sweep the same blue under lower lash line and blend with the gold transition

Finished Look 

Writer: Janice Ho

Graphics: Evelyn Hung



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