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Gift list for HER (4 different personalities)

Christmas time, the moment you dread, just from pulling out your hair trying to think of what to buy your girlfriend/sisters/besties. Does that sound a bit like you? No problem, we’ll solve you all that trouble spending 5 hours in a shopping mall or department store looking for gifts to buy for her. At Dear Diary, we’ve thought up 4 personality categories that your bae might fall into (we’re 99% sure that’s going to be the case), so pick your chosen personality and start ordering now before Santa comes around! 

Disclaimer: All content/product featured in this article is in no way intended for advertising or sponsorship purposes. 


Yoga Mat

The dream gift for your yoga and training girls, Lululemon’s The Reversible Yoga Mat 3mm is (most probably) the best workout mat you could get on the market at the moment. At 66cm x 180cm, the Reversible Mat gives you the space and freedom you need for your everyday workout and stretching routines. Though originally designed for yoga by Lululemon, the rubber surface gives you the grip you need and avoids slippy-sliding annoying moments during your beast mode and burpees, with the top layer of polyurethane to absorb sweat droplets in the blink of an eye. 

With 5 different colours to choose from, it’ll be the best gift for your sis/bae.

Lululemon’s The Reversible Yoga Mat 3mm (Image Source: lululemon ) 

Hyperice’s Hypervolt Plus (With Bluetooth) (Image Source: Hyperice)

Massage Gun

Every second you’re not around her, you lose the opportunity to give her the after-workout massage she deserves, so why not get a massage gun? Hyperice’s massage gun can be said to be the quietest yet most powerful massage gun you can find. The 5 different massage heads offered in this kit can be changed according to what muscle group you want to relax out. The Bluetooth function is used with Hyperice’s app, which can help to design your massage course and intensity of the pressure applied according to your desired purpose. 

Protein Powder in Her Favourite Flavour 

Who doesn’t love some delicious protein powder? Offered in over 40 flavours, including Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Rocky Road, Banoffee, and other flavours you can’t possibly find anywhere else, Myprotein’s Impact Whey Protein is the way to go. One scoop offers 21g of protein at just 98kcal which helps build and maintain muscle mass. 

Myprotein’s Impact Whey Protein (Image Source: Myprotein)

Deluxe Sitting Pusheen Plush (Image Source: Pusheen)

Bashful unicorn huge soft toy 51cm (Image Source: Jellycat)

soft toy, shark (Image Source: Ikea)



Almost all girls love hugging something soft and fluffy when they go to bed, or even when they’re just around and about the house! If your sis is a single pringle, then give them a big fluffy toy so they can wrap their arms around to feel nice and secure during a horror movie (you can even dig your fingers into them if she is feeling extra scared; can’t do that with a boyfriend though whoops!). If not, then your bae would love to have a plushie around them to get that feeling of you being beside them 24/7, even when they are on the other side of the globe. 

Cute Cups

These are practical yet cute and aesthetically pleasing with their designs. She won’t ever dislike these cute cups or have to come up with the excuse of ‘I don’t really use this but it’s really cute thank you!’ Go get some online now! 

Less Than Perfect – Kawaii Unicorn Mug – Handmade 16 oz Oversized Ceramic Caticorn Mug and Spoon Gift Set (Image Source: Etsy) 

Cute cat glass cup (Image Source: Youvimi)

Metal Smoothie Cup (Image Source: Typo)

(Image Source: Aliexpress)

Cuddly Cub Fluffy robe (Image Source: Dolls Kill)

Ladies Pink Bunny Novelty Hood Sherpa Fleece Bath Robe (Image Source:Heat-treats)

Fluffy bathing robe

Who doesn’t love that moment when you come out of a hot bath, wrap yourself around a soft, comfy bathing robe and on top of that, it has an adorable design too! Bathing robes make you feel so at home, especially when it’s been a long day at work or school (with that annoying teacher/boss who always picks on you for every small thing all the time; don’t worry, we got you).


Cat ears headphones 

Every gamer girl’s dream gift is probably to have one of these high-quality headphones with cat ears on top! Without some premium headphones, the chances of winning the game is so much lower, and you wouldn’t want her to be upset because of that! Plus, not only can they be used for some winner winner chicken dinner, she can also have them for daily use and chill time with relaxing music.

Razer Kraken BT Kitty Edition – Quartz (Image Source: Razer)

Bluetooth Cat Ear Over-Ear Headphone (Image Source: The PNK Stuff)

Censi Music Headset Headphone Creative Cat Ear Stereo Over-Ear Game Gaming Bass Headset Noise Canceling Headband Earphone for ipad, PC, iPhone and Android Smartphones (White, Wired) (Image Source:  Censi)

SOMIC G951pink Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, Laptop: 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Detachable Cat Ear Headphones LED, USB, Lightweight Self-Adjusting Over Ear Headphones (Image Source: SOMiC)

Corsair K70 MK2 RGB 機械式鍵盤 (Rapidfire 銀軸全彩光-SE版) (Image Source: Corsair)

Fierce PC Draconis LED RGB Keyboard & Mouse (Image Source: Fierce PC)

Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo, RGB Wired USB Game Keyboard 104 Keys with Three LED Colors (Red Blue Purple) for Computer PC Laptop (Image Source: Jancal)

Gaming Keyboard Mouse Combo, RGB Wired USB Game Keyboard 104 Keys with Three LED Colors (Red Blue Purple) for Computer PC Laptop (Image Source: Jancal)

Flashy Rainbow LED Keyboard

Look at those LED lights… don’t they just look so mesmerizing when they light up in a dark room? Imagine turning all the ceiling lights off during 2am and then turning on the PC for some gaming; now that’s what we call heaven. 

Gaming Zone Decor

Give your girl/sis the tools she needs to decorate her very own little gaming zone. These stickers and bulletin boards are the perfect gift your gamer girl to curl up in and feel like it’s her own personalised PC room.

Gaming Zone Funny Typography A4 Poster Print PO361(Image Source: Etsy)

Gaming Zone Wall Decal (Image Source: Kuarki)

Tioua Wall Decal Sticker Gamer Game Zone Decor Wall Decals Keep Calm and Play Xbox One Wall Sticker Decal Quote Bedroom Boys Room Decoration Poster (Image Source: Tioua)

Animal Mini Waffle Maker (Image Source: CucinaPro)

Holstein Housewares Heart Shaped Waffle Maker HF-09031M (Image Source: Holstein Housewares)

Heart-Shaped Mini Waffle Maker (Image Source: Urban Outfitters)

SOMIC G951pink Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, Laptop: 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Detachable Cat Ear Headphones LED, USB, Lightweight Self-Adjusting Over Ear Headphones (Image Source: SOMiC)


Waffle Maker

Waffles on a cold winter day… yum! There can’t possibly be anyone who wouldn’t love waffles (well, at least not me!) These cute waffles makers are your traditional boring ones, they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, ranging from animal shaped waffles for sharing with your nieces and younger siblings, to heart-shaped waffles for your sweet date night!

Ice Cream Maker

Having a great ice cream maker will save you all those supermarket trips hauling tubs of ice cream back home. These miniature sized ice cream makers can make frozen treats in your very own personalised flavours in as little as 20 minutes; having a tub of ice cream every night is no longer a dream!

Cuisinart ICE-21PBLK Frozen Yogurt – Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker – Pink (Image Source: Cuisinart)

Ice Cream Maker – Hello Kitty (Image Source: Reécolte)

Home Ice Cream Machine Kitchen Tool (Image Source: LCP Shop)

44 LifeStyle – Mai’s Kitchen Household Ice Cream Machine 500ml BL520 (Green) – Automatic Smoothie Ice Cream Maker (Image Source: HKTV Mall)

Aiko tableware set Cream (Image Source: Liewood)

Dinner Plates Ceramic Tableware (Image Source: LCP Shop)

HERMES | Carnets D’Equateur Dessert Plate (Image Source: Hermes)

Set of two Herbarium porcelain dinner plates (Image Source: Gucci)

Aesthetic Tableware Sets

Foodies can’t resist the chance to take aesthetic photos whenever the chance arises, whether it’s their morning coffee break, afternoon cheesecake, or steak for dinner. Presenting them with some aesthetically pleasing tableware sets would make them so happy! Be careful though, you might start seeing them in their Instagram feed frequently! 

Food keychains

Squishy food keychains or necklace pendants are such an adorable way to show off your favourite type of food wherever you go. 

Macarons Keyring – Small – Rose (Image Source: Ladureée)

Scented Pancake Necklace (Image Source: Etsy)

Potato Key Chains (Image Source: Etsy)

POPSICLE KEYRING (Image Source: Zimmermann)

Writer: Vivien Tam 

Editor: Janice Ho / Vivien Tam 

Graphics: Vivien Tam

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